‘We are in the process of Islamising France, and it is happening perfectly naturally’

Remember: anyone who expresses concern about the decline of French society and culture and the growing influence of Sharia provisions denying equality of rights to women, the freedom of speech, and more is just a racist, bigoted “Islamophobe.”

“We are Islamizing France and it is happening naturally,” translated from “On est en train d’islamiser la France et ça se fait naturellement,” by Marie-Aude Beautard, Riposte Laïque, September 24, 2021:

Last night, on the very unbiased BFM TV channel, Jean-Luc Mélenchon explained his vision of a universal coexistence in which all living beings would live together in peace, an idyllic world in which people, who are all basically good, would love each other beyond their differences.

A world cleansed of fascists, of course. These demons with human appearance who infest minds and do everything to prevent the new golden age and the final liberation of humanity, which has never been so close…

Jean-Luc is the chosen one, he will save humanity! Hopefully with the help of Sandrine Rousseau. Of course he is a white male, but certainly a deconstructed white male.

To better understand Jean-Luc’s way of living together, imagine a visit to a nightclub. In this club there are no bouncers, no dress code, everyone can come and join the party and no one will ever be excluded. Because to exclude means to discriminate. And discrimination is inherently bad. But everything will be fine, rest assured, because everyone is nice, everyone is generous, everyone loves each other.

Forget the data, forget the scientific studies that show that multicultural societies are always multi-conflictual… Who cares? We will all stick together, stand in solidarity with each other, said Jean-Luc.

Doubt, what a minor thing, honestly! A detail. What proof do I have for the people who end up in hospital with bloodied faces or in the morgue with their throats cut that it is not the fault of the social system?

And Islam… No problem, really. The pundits are fooling the French! Muslims are looking forward to the reformed society that Jean-Luc Mélenchon is proposing, especially with regard to LGBTQI+ rights. If Muslims want halal, we give them halal. If they want the veil, let’s give them the veil. Separate opening hours in swimming pools? That’s the same thing. The burkini? You want to fire an “Islamophobic” teacher? We have to do that! That’s secularism, that’s tolerance! Islam is fully compatible with France.

But while Jean-Luc was crying his head off about the terrible, dare I say infamous Z, whose name I dare not pronounce, straight from the flames of hell, Muslims were responding on the social network Twitter. And I must say that their words literally left me speechless.

Meaning? Only the law of Allah counts? The 6th Republic does not matter to Muslims? I am absolutely baffled. “Islam is not compatible with France […] any Muslim who knows a little about his religion knows that”? How can anyone express such outrageous things? These poor racists have been brainwashed by the fascists! There is no other way!

And another one who says that “Zemmour is right.” This is unbearable!

I know what the problem is. These Muslims have not been to the mosque or the Koran school often enough, otherwise they would know that Islam is perfectly compatible with French values of liberty, equality and fraternity. This is shown by the great tolerance that prevails in all the Muslim countries that I have unfortunately never been able to visit, such as Pakistan or Palestine.

The other Muslim declares: “We are in the process of Islamising France, and it is happening perfectly naturally.” What nonsense! The great population exchange is a right-wing conspiracy theory anyway. Mediapart puts it very well. Besides, Islam and the Republic have the same values, so not much would change. In fact, that would be a good thing.

Ah, finally a tweet defending coexistence: “The France I know is a France that leases football stadiums to Muslims so they can celebrate Eid, my France is seeing the mayor of my city come and wish Muslims a good Ramadan, I have many more examples in mind, my France is coexistence.” A great ode to secularism, written in impeccable contemporary French language.

Yet many of the comments were right-wing extremist.

Fortunately, Nael came along. Nael is an outstanding activist. She denounces the white privilege. She declared some time ago that 10-year-old Julien is not a victim when he is beaten up. That makes sense. He is white. On the other hand, if 10-year-old Adama gets beaten up, he is a victim of systemic racism and society should ask for forgiveness for that.

Nael said that these Muslim contributions are a huge far-right conspiracy and that even if they were real Muslims, they are in no way representative.

Phew! That’s reassuring. Once again, the fascists wanted to turn us against each other. But they did not succeed. One day we will all be brothers in humanity, one day we will all go hand in hand to live in the new world of Jean-Luc Mélenchon. But first we must all be inoculated.

I will never give in to hate. No pasaran!

Via – Jihad Watch

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