Elon Musk is creating a city in Texas, it will be called Starbase and it would be ruled by ‘the Doge’

If anyone has the ability to surprise the world with his ambitious projects, it is Elon Musk . The billionaire announced that he is building a new city in Texas to be called Starbase , around the rocket launch site of his company SpaceX .

Used to causing a stir by typing just a few words, Musk posted on Twitter that he is “creating the city of Starbase , Texas .”

Later, he alluded to his project to colonize the red planet, hinting that Starbase would be just the beginning to go further. “From there to Mars. And hence the Stars ” , detailed the CEO of Tesla .

From thence to Mars,
And hence the Stars.- Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

The tycoon, who is currently the second richest person in the world , said that his city will occupy an area “much larger” than Boca Chica , a place that houses a launch site for SpaceX and where the company is building its Starship rocket.

Elon Musk shared some characteristics that his new city would have, such as that it will be friendly to dogs. He also hinted that it would be directed by “the Doge” , which can be interpreted in two ways.

On the one hand, it is a reference to the Doges, former rulers of Venice and Genoa. He could also be talking about Dogecoin , the cryptocurrency inspired by the ‘Cheems’ meme that Musk has long endorsed, which would be more interesting.

Eddie Treviño, judge for Cameron County, Texas, confirmed that SpaceX informed the authorities of Elon Musk’s intention: to incorporate Boca Chica into the city of Starbase . The official noted that the mogul and his company must comply with all state statutes of incorporation and clarified that the county will process any petition in accordance with the law.

The 49-year-old billionaire is determined to make Texas his main base of operations. In addition to its launch center in Boca Chica, SpaceX has a rocket test facility in the town of McGregor and they plan to build a manufacturing plant in Austin. In July 2020, it was announced that Tesla’s next gigafactory would be built outside of Austin.

Last December, Musk confirmed that he would be moving from California to Texas and, at the same time, auctioned all his properties in Los Angeles to finance his Mars colonization project . Via – Entrepreneur

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