Sweden: Christian fired for refusing to take off his cross, hijabs OK

It is unclear whether George Tannouri is right that his was a case of religious discrimination, but there is no doubt that he is correct when he says: “I am tired of how Christians are treated in Sweden. It is more okay to attack our religion than at others.”

And why is that? Because to criticize Islam, even to analyze how jihadis use its texts and teachings to justify violence, has been successfully tarred as “bigotry” and “Islamophobia,” in one of the most successful propaganda campaigns in modern history. Also, Christians won’t kill you if you criticize Christianity, or even threaten to do so.

“Did not want to take off his cross – lost his job,” translated from “Ville inte ta av sig sitt kors – förlorade anställning,” Världen Idag, February 12, 2021:

28-year-old George Tannouri lost his job because he did not want to take off the cross he was wearing around his neck.

Hanging objects are a security risk, the company believes.

– Religious discrimination, says George Tannouri, and says that several of his colleagues wore veils.

It was after about three months at Zalando’s warehouse, which is run by the company Ingram Micro and located in Kungsängen north of Stockholm, that George Tannouri was told that he was not allowed to wear the cross he always has inside the shirt.

“You must not wear a necklace,” two supervisors told him, he says.

George said that the cross is a part of him and that he did not intend to take it off.

“If you do not intend to take off your necklace, you must leave,” said one of the supervisors, according to George Tannouri.

George then chose to leave the workplace and lose his probationary period.

He says that he was close to starting to cry during the conversation – mainly because he felt hurt.

– Our people [Syrians] have been through so much in history, so we come to Sweden and what do we get right here?

He can not understand why he was not allowed to wear the cross.

– When they confronted me, they said that you are not allowed to wear any jewelry or accessories, but I have seen others who have had earrings. In addition, many wear hijabs, he says.

The world today contacts Ingram Micro to hear how they view the event.

“For safety reasons, Ingram Micro has clear rules about what is allowed to wear during work inside the warehouse. Among the things that are not allowed are necklaces, watches, other jewelry, hair clips and other metal objects,” writes Sylvain Monneyron, managing director at Ingram Micro Commerce Lifecycle Services.

He points out that the rules are stated in the employment contract and that the employee is thus obliged to follow these.

Why are some employees allowed to wear earrings then?

– They do not have that privilege. It may be that someone has had it outside the warehouse, in the lunch room or changing room where it is allowed, says Lisa Valinder Olsson, communications manager at Ingram Micro.

However, no one has had it in the warehouse, she maintains.

Why can you wear a veil but not a cross?

– It counts as a garment and is not considered a risk as long as nothing hangs loose, she says.

In what way can a cross under the shirt be a safety risk?

– Our employees work on machines and conveyor belts that are constantly in motion. Our goal is to minimize all risks that may exist to avoid injury to the employee.

The reason why a veil is not seen as a safety risk is that it must be tucked in, she says.

George Tannouri cannot understand in what way the cross would be a security risk, but he does not deny that he has signed an agreement stating that he undertakes to follow the company’s policy and himself needs to know what it means.

However, he believes that the cross is not a jewelry accessory for him, but part of his faith.

– I have as much right to wear a cross as others have to wear a hijab, he says.

George thinks that the whole thing is a case of religious discrimination and believes that it is just one of many examples of how Christians are neglected in Sweden.

– I am tired of how Christians are treated in Sweden. It is more okay to attack our religion than at others….

Via – Jihad Watch

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