The World’s Most Dangerous Super-volcano is NOT Yellowstone

hanks to movies and pop culture, the Yellowstone super-volcano in our backyard gets all the press from sensationalistic theories about the end of the world. The truth is there is a much more dangerous super-volcano and it’s not Yellowstone. It’s Campi Flegrei.

I’m gonna blame this new information on my family’s obsession with the new Discovery Plus streaming service. We’ve watched all kinds of scientific stuff and one show mentioned Campi Flegrei which is a super-volcano in Italy. It led me on a search for more details and the fact is it’s much more likely to kill us all than Yellowstone.

While it’s relatively common knowledge that the Yellowstone super-volcano has major eruptions every 600,000 years or so, Campi Flegrei has a much more frequent cycle. The New York Times shared a scary article about the 60,000 year history of this massive volcano and it’s had 2 major eruptions in that time.

What’s more concerning is Campi Flegrei appears to have restarted its deadly cycle as Science Alert documented a couple years ago. There are some signs that a major event could be in the not-so-distant future. A paper at Science Alerts confirmed this information.

What could a major eruption from this super-volcano do? It would affect the world’s atmosphere in such a way that could cause world-wide famine for decades to come and cause tsunamis hundreds of feet in height as documented by Newsweek. Oh, and Volcano Discovery classifies Campi Flegrei as “restless”. In volcano terms, that’s worrisome.

The next time someone wants to give you a hard time about how the Yellowstone super-volcano is going to cause a mass extinction, tell them they should be watching the potential disaster waiting in Italy. It’s much more likely to cause devastation than Yellowstone ever will. Via – Wake-up Wyoming

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