BUSTED: Politifact Caught in Major Lie on Early Morning Ballot Dump at the TCF Center in Detroit

On Wednesday morning, November 3rd President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden in the swing state of Michigan by over 100,000 votes.

This appeared to be another solid win for President Trump in a swing state he won in 2016. The ballot counting in Detroit, Michigan on election night took place at the TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall.

Then late at night, a string of suspicious events changed the momentum for the Trump Team. GOP observers later testified that at 3:30 AM in the morning vehicles drove into the TCF Center and delivered fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden.

The Gateway Pundit reported on this on Wednesday morning November 4th after the incident.

And we were right.

Also on Wednesday, the Washington Post attempted to debunk the accusations saying a man with a wagon filmed entering the TCF Center at 2:40 AM belonged to a local photographer.

And far-left Politifact claimed there was NO EVIDENCE that ballots were smuggled into the TCF Center

Politifact’s Clara Hendrickson ‘debunked’ one wagon with cameras in the front of TCF. She then used that to ignore the numerous reports of a white van delivering ballots in the cargo area of TCF, which is what every serious witness was saying.

Clara Hendrickson also wrote a piece for the Detroit Free Press where she used one city official Chris Thomas with skin in the game to allege our reporting was not accurate.

On Friday The Gateway Pundit published video of a white van dropping off ballots late at night inside the TCF Center.

Following our report on Friday Clara Hendrickson from Politifact — without a hint of shame — admits the ballots were brought into the TCF Center after all.

Then she moved the goalposts to say this did not prove election fraud at the TCF Center in Detroit… Via – The Gateway Pundit

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