New Mexico bill would fine parents for teaching children how to shoot

newly proposed bill in New Mexico would criminalize parents from teaching children to shoot firearms without authorization from state authorities.

“A minor may be an authorized user only if the minor is at least twelve years of age and has successfully completed a firearm safety training course,” the bill reads.

The bill, introduced by state Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez, would fine parents $1,000 for taking their “unauthorized” children shooting.

Gun rights advocates have heavily criticized the bill, noting that New Mexico already has laws which prohibit parents from putting their children in dangerous situations.

“The bill is an uneducated attempt to demonize firearms,” said the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association, per the Pinon Post. “You would become a criminal for taking your child to go shooting if they had not previously taken some kind of formal class.”

Under the law, those with “unauthorized” children in their households would be forced to lock up their firearms.

“It is an offense for a firearm owner or authorized user to store or keep a firearm in any premises unless the firearm is secured in a locked container or secured by a gun lock or other means so as to render the firearm inaccessible or unusable to any person other than the owner or other authorized user,” the bill states.

“The law is completely unenforceable unless they plan on going door-to-door inspecting firearm storage in your home. But this bill again goes beyond what they have attempted in the past. If a prohibited possessor gains access to your firearm you are liable as well,” the NMSSA further stated.

“Albuquerque is the property crime capital of America; if your home or vehicle was broken into and a convicted felon stole your firearm, you could be charged with a crime under the bill… Via – The Post Millennial

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