If you thought nasal COVID-19 tests were bad, you’re going to hate this

The key to beating COVID-19 is accurate, fast testing. The sooner the positive diagnosis is confirmed, the faster the necessary steps can be taken to limit the spread of the illness and prevent complications. Some people will only need to self-isolate and wait for whatever symptoms to subside. Others will need hospitalization and treatment, and some therapies are only effective if given early in the illness.

Testing for the novel coronavirus isn’t as problematic as it used to be at the beginning of the pandemic. PCR tests are still the most trusted COVID-19 tests, but other alternatives can also deliver a quick early diagnosis. There is one problem with COVID-19 testing regardless of method. Done too early after exposure, it can deliver false-negative results.

Chinese officials think there’s one way to improve COVID-19 testing, although it’s a procedure that people won’t like. Rather than using throat swabs, China is now advocating in favor of anal swab tests, which can deliver more accurate results.

Anal swab testing is recommended to people in quarantine in China, The Washington Post reports. The country is fighting small outbreaks ahead of the year’s busiest travel period, the Chinese New Year. Officials worry that undetected infection might spark additional outbreaks in the country.

Despite the various missteps in the first days of the Wuhan epidemic, China contained the outbreaks that followed in a way no other country could. Massive testing campaigns were conducted whenever new cases were discovered, with officials looking to nip the spread in the bud. Anal swabs might help with that, especially in some categories of patients… Via – BGR

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