McCarthy: California’s Newsom hiding data used to justify lockdowns

California did release data Monday after arguing that doing so could mislead the public

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy accused California Gov. Gavin Newsom of hiding coronavirus data on Tuesday.

McCarthy, who represents California’s 23rd Congressional District, criticized Newsom for lifting a regional stay-at-home order less than a week after President Biden took office and failing to explain why the state dropped its ICU capacity threshold for determining lockdowns.

After state health officials said last week they were keeping all the data secret because it is complicated and might mislead the public, California’s health department on Monday released to the public previously secret projections for future hospital intensive care unit capacity throughout the state, the key metric for lifting the coronavirus stay-at-home order.

State officials did not, however, explain how regional per capita virus cases and transmission rates that also were released might influence how much ICU space will be available in four weeks.

“One thing that has been clear throughout the pandemic is that Americans have been deprived of the resources to do what is best for ourselves, families, and community,” McCarthy said in a statement. “The most recent example of this is California Governor Gavin Newsom hiding key data about the virus in his state and refusing to publicize it because it would ‘confuse and potentially mislead the public if they were made public.'”

“Not only does this logically not make sense, it suggests Newsom doesn’t think his constituents are capable of doing what’s right for themselves and their families,” McCarthy continued… Via – Fox News

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