Justice System in California in Chaos as Prosecutors Rebel Against Soros-Created DA

George Soros’s organizations have given tens of millions of dollars not to politicians running for legislative office but to local district attorney candidates who all have similar ideas about the justice system in America.

Kim Foxx in Cook County. Ill.; Kimberly Gardner in St. Louis; Larry Krasner in Philadelphia; and district attorneys in Dallas County, Texas; Baltimore; and Bexar County, Texas, all received funding from Soros’s Justice and Public Safety super PAC. All are radical reformers who favor “social justice” instead of criminal justice. The millions Soros spent on these races are his most strategically placed donations yet. He can easily swing a local election for district attorney on the cheap — one or two million dollars is all it takes. And the impact of these radicals is felt immediately and deeply.

The latest Soros-backed DA to be elected is Los Angeles County Prosecutor George Gascon. His policies have been so radical that local prosecutors in several jurisdictions are in rebellion… Via – PJ Media

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