Eerie scenes as animals FREEZE SOLID as temperatures drop to MINUS 68F in Kazakhstan


Animals have been frozen solid after temperatures dropped to minus 56C in Kazakhstan.

Videos show both a hare and a dog frozen to death amid bitter conditions sweeping across the vast Central Asian nation.

The hare was trapped while climbing through a fence before dying in the arctic conditions and its body had to be pulled free by locals.

The dog appears to have become stuck while walking through a snow-covered field. 

The freezing conditions come just weeks after a thermometer recorded temperatures of minus 62C in a village in neighbouring Russia.

Oymyakon in remote Siberia is the coldest permanently inhabited settlement in the world. 

The official weather station at the ‘pole of cold’ registered minus 59C, but locals said their readings were as low as minus 67C – less than 1C off the lowest accepted temperature for a permanent settlement anywhere in the world.

That record breaking low was taken in the town back in 1933… Via – The Daily Mail UK

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