Biden’s Disbanding of 1776 Commission Shows Left’s War on US History

All Americans should wish President Joe Biden well. To do otherwise would be churlish and self-defeating. It beggars belief, though, that one of his first intended acts was for his White House to take down the report issued Monday by the 1776 Commission, and on his first day as president, to disband the commission.

Is that really the priority? As one of the commissioners, I guess I’m flattered. But is the baying from the woke left so furious that dissolving a commission named after our nation’s founding, and deleting a report calling for teaching objective history, makes the top of the list?

The symbolism alone should give pause. But maybe the symbolism is the thing, and our new president wants to demonstrate his bona fides to the creators of the 1619 Project and their hard-left allies.

For the record, we commissioners intend to continue meeting and fulfilling the charges of our two-year remit. The Heritage Foundation will also continue to host the report, which you can henceforth find here.

The 1776 Commission’s chairman, Larry P. Arnn, president of Hillsdale College and member of The Heritage Board of Trustees, issued a statement along with Vice Chair Carol Swain and Executive Director Matthew Spalding, pointing out that the report merely called for

a return to the unifying ideas stated in the Declaration of Independence. It quotes the greatest Americans, black and white, men and women, in devotion to these ideas. The Commission may be abolished, but these principles cannot be. We will all continue to work together to teach and to defend them.

If we are to take the words of our new president at his inauguration seriously, as we must, the nation’s cup runneth over with challenges. “Few people in our nation’s history have been more challenged or found a time more challenging or difficult than the time we’re in now,” he said, before reeling off our litany of woes.

What would help us fend off these demons, he said, was unity: “We have never, ever, ever, ever failed in America when we’ve acted together.”

Lofty words, but as one of his predecessors used to say: trust, but verify… Via – The Daily Signal

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