Here Are the Pro-Life Policies Joe Biden Has Promised to Undo

Like nearly all Democratic presidents, President-elect Joe Biden is eager to strip protections from the most vulnerable, oppressed and endangered population in America — the unborn.

After President Donald Trump spent his term protecting the sanctity of life, abortion advocates expect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to swiftly roll back many of those safeguards and funnel taxpayer dollars to fund the heinous act once again.

Even during the campaign, Biden — the supposedly devout Roman Catholic — had flip-flopped his position on supporting the Hyde Amendment, abruptly opposing the measure meant to protect taxpayers from funding abortions when it became politically expedient.

“Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of the Hyde amendment, protecting Medicaid dollars from paying for #abortion,” National Director of Priests for Life Fr. Frank Pavone tweeted a month before the 2020 election.

“It has saved 2.4 million lives so far. But @JoeBiden and the #Democrat platform want to get rid of it.” Via – The Western Journal

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