ABC News Executive Calls for ‘Cleansing’ the Trump Movement From America

When you were told consistently that it wasn’t President Trump they were after it was you, you might have had some doubts. But it turns out this was correct. Not only do the media want to get rid of President Trump, they want to get rid of every vestige of Trump thought and everything he represents. In case you’re wondering – that’s you.

Today’s call for a purge comes from ABC News.

As my colleague Rick Moran points out in his column The Coming Purge of All Things and People Trump, there is precedent for this in ancient times.

Soviet strongman Joseph Stalin purged his political enemies by killing them and then pretending they didn’t exist by airbrushing them out of photos, that they might be forgotten by history.

Now ABC News has called for a complete and utter purge of all things Trump and Trump-thought from public discourse.

But as they have from the moment Trump came onto the scene, the Left has been peddling the notion that it’s Trump that’s the autocrat, the fascist and the strongman. He’s a bull in a China shop, but has been doing things in the open. It’s déclassé, not autocratic per se.

If you want to see how a strongman would work let’s go over to ABC News and see what they want Joe Biden to do for them.

The Washington Examiner reports that the ABC News political director, Rick Klein wrote on his blog that the Trump movement should be “cleansed” from public discourse. Via – PJ Media

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