Facebook Won’t Shut Down Activists Who Harass Senator Josh Hawley

Once again, Facebook has been caught hosting a far-left group that harassed a sitting senator at his home.

“Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel,” Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) tweeted Jan 4. “They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear: My family & I will not be intimidated by leftwing violence,” he added. Hawley objected to both activists and liberal media downplaying protests such as this “vigil” by Shut Down DC, declaring: “Now ‘vigil’ means screaming threats through bullhorns, vandalizing property, pounding on the doors of homes and terrorizing innocent people and children.”

The Washington Post’s article tried to downplay the incident: “Sen. Josh Hawley says ‘Antifa scumbags’ terrorized his family’s Virginia home. Protesters say they held a peaceful vigil,” assessed a 50-minute video of the protest. The article summarized that the video showed “protesters writing in chalk on the sidewalk, chanting through a megaphone and at one point leaving a copy of the Constitution on Hawley’s doorstep.” The same article quoted Shut Down DC organizer Patrick Young’s claim: “This was not threatening behavior. This is people engaging in democracy and engaging in civil discourse. … This was a pretty tame and peaceful visit to his house.” Via – Newsbusters

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