Spain Gloats It Has Been Given Control of Gibraltar’s Borders as Part of Brexit Deal

Spain has gloated that it is being given control over the British territory of Gibraltar’s borders as part of a side deal between Boris Johnson’s administration and the European Union.

Prime Minister Johnson had submitted to the EU’s demands that Gibraltar, known as the Rock, should be cut out of the main Brexit negotiations to appease neighbouring Spain, and it was not included in his Christmas Eve deal.

With just a day to go before the end of the so-called “transition” period, the former Crown Colony faced a localised no-deal Brexit including a hard border with Spain, and little contingency planning by the Johnson administration in place to ameliorate the situation.

At the eleventh hour, a side deal was struck to keep the border open, to the relief of most Gibraltarians — but at the price of the EU being allowed to post its men in the Rock to enforce border checks, with the Spanish claiming the work would fall to their own officals.

“Spain, as member-state representing the [European] Union, will be responsible for enforcing Schengen [border controls] and will be assisted by [EU border agency] Frontex for around four years, conducting controls both in Gibraltar’s port and airport,” boasted Spanish foreign minister María Aránzazu ‘Arancha’ González Laya. Via – Breitbart

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