GA Hearing: Data Scientists Provide Clear Evidence of Vote Manipulation in 2020 Election

At a Senate hearing in Georgia, data scientists provided testimony that showed many irregularities along with vote switching in the 2020 presidential election.

Justin Mealey and Dave Lobue were speaking on behalf of a group called DIG (Data Integrity Group) which is comprised of a large group of data scientists, researchers and others from various skill sets and backgrounds. Everyone in the group is volunteering their time to showcase election fraud they have found throughout the country.

Speaking together over zoom, Mealey and Lobue provided most of their evidence in the form of a video that broke down all of their findings.

One example is the slide below from Bibb County, GA which shows an exact switch, giving Biden 12,173 of Trumps absentee votes. “This is a smoking gun because it shows direct human interference in a process that should only be computer generated. Why would votes ever be switched?,” Lobue told Via – Charlie Kirk

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