Cuban Communists: Add Rodent Meat ‘to the Family Dinner Table’

A government television broadcast in Cuba this week urged citizens to eat guinea pig and other rodents, suggesting rodent meat is more nutritious and “sustainable” than pork or beef, Cuban outlets reported on Wednesday.

The Communist Party has presided over major food shortages in Cuba for decades, beginning almost immediately following the Cuban Revolution in 1959. In recent years, the Castro regime has blamed President Donald Trump for extensive food shortages and failed distribution of government-mandated rations. While the Trump administration has imposed significant sanctions on the regime in response to the increased frequency of human rights violations against pro-democracy dissidents in the Obama era, these sanctions have targeted elite individuals and military-linked corporations, not sources of food for the general population.

The Cuban Communist Party has systematically silenced dissidents who have exposed how Havana is directly responsible for food shortages in the country, most prominently ecologist Dr. Ariel Ruiz Urquiola, arrested after using a plot of land in Pinar del Río to prove that a competent government could significantly increase crop production. Ruiz Urquiola now says communist officials infected him with HIV on purpose while in prison. Via – Breitbart

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