To Keep Turning Point USA Students “Safe,” Palm Beach County Officials Lock Them Out of Conference

Turning Point USA, the conservative student action group founded by Charlie Kirk, is holding its annual Student Action Summit in Palm Beach County, Florida this weekend. Featuring speakers like Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump Jr., and Mike Pence, the event sold out quickly – especially given the fact that county officials slapped a capacity requirement on the event to enable social distancing protocols.

As the event was underway Saturday, Palm Beach County officials suddenly stopped allowing students to enter the convention center lobby to register, saying the event was over capacity, and stranding hundreds of students outside the door – packed like sardines. Of course, in that environment rumors start quickly and are amplified on social media. It was reported that TPUSA was attempting to do same-day registration at the convention center, that they were unregistering attendees, and that they oversold the event. TPUSA officials tell RedState that none of those rumors are true. Via – Red State

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