‘Massive forced labor scheme’: Report claims China forcing 500K detainees to pick cotton

December 19, 2020 (Family Research Council) — BBC reporters recently traveled to what is now one of the most secretive places on earth — the Xinjiang region of China. As the film crew tried to capture what the Chinese government insists are “vocational training centers,” Chinese authorities prevented them from recording, intensely questioned them, and proceeded to trail them closely. If these facilities are truly benign, why make such an effort to hide them?

Because they are lying. Chinese authorities know that the massive new compounds with high walls and barbed wire scattered throughout Xinjiang are not a poverty alleviation program. Rather, they are part of a well-documented and comprehensive campaign to arbitrarily detain Uyghur Muslims en masse and eradicate their cultural practices and religious beliefs. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been vocal in his criticism of this policy, calling it the “stain of the century.”

Now, the use of forced labor from these Uyghur detainees allows Beijing to profit from these atrocities. A new report from researcher Adrien Zenz used online government policy papers and Chinese state news stories to discover that the use of Uyghur labor to hand-pick cotton for government entities is now a widespread practice in Xinjiang. The Uyghur-majority districts of Aksu and Hotan alone sent 210,000 workers “via labor transfer” to pick cotton for a Chinese paramilitary group. Via – Lifesite News

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