Why Gun People Don’t Trust Politicians Words

In the course of my day, I read a lot of letters to the editor. A proverbial ton of the. Many are pro-gun, many are anti-gun, but most simply restate things we’ve seen a thousand times in a thousand different places. While the editorial page of the local newspaper used to be the place to engage in political debate, the modern era has rendered it to a spot where new facts or ideas are rarely introduced.

However, the reason I still read them is that you sometimes find a letter that voices an opinion that you’ve heard before but never in a place where you could readily address it. I mean, if I wrote a post addressing an odd opinion without being able to link to someone actually saying that, I run the risk of being accused of presenting a strawman argument.

I wouldn’t want that.

So, that’s what brought me to this one. It seems the letter writer would like all of us pro-gun people to have some faith in the democratic process. Via – Bearing Arms

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