The State Can’t Solve All Our Problems

Leave it to the state to create a problem that it can then promise to fix.

This is how government keeps on growing. We’re conditioned to look to our representatives for answers, who in turn devise solutions that create more programs and redistribute more wealth to fix the problems they created in the first place. Before long, we’re looking at $27 trillion in national debt, and a government that controls our healthcare, our blow dryers, and our lightbulbs.

Case in point: Governors across the country continue to shut down schools in fear of COVID-19, despite the twin facts that our youngest are the least likely to catch or spread the virus, and that they need interaction with teachers and classmates for their own emotional and psychological well-being.

Parents looking over their child’s shoulders and seeing the faces of 20 students on a Zoom call chatting with their teacher may look like education, but it’s a poor substitute. And the depth of the problem goes far beyond lost time.

According to CNBC, “It’s all taken an unthinkable toll on children — a social, emotional and academic ordeal so extreme that some advocates and experts warn its repercussions could rival those of a hurricane or other disaster.”

The story highlights a range of negative effects of the shutdowns, including an increase in the number of mental-health-related visits to emergency rooms, millions of children facing hunger, students failing basic academic assessments, pupils missing significant class time, and children with physical or emotional disabilities being left even further behind than where they started. Via – The Patriot Post

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