California Sheriff Refuses ‘Absurd’ Order to Release Murderers and Rapists Due to Pandemic

You’ve got to hand it to the ACLU. Their legendary defense of traitors, terrorists, and others who would try and destroy the United States is consistent and predictable.

Last April, the ACLU sued Orange County to release inmates who might be “medically vulnerable” to getting sick from the coronavirus. What those inmates did to be in jail didn’t matter. Can’t have a child rapist get sick and die from COVID. That would be heartless.

A judge apparently didn’t care either. He ordered the release of all medically vulnerable prisoners no matter what their crimes. He ruled that Don Barnes, the sheriff of Orange County, showed “deliberate indifference to the substantial risk of serious harm from COVID-19 infection to … medically vulnerable people in [his] custody” which “violates their rights.”

Barnes is a practical man and must have done a double-take when the judge gave that order. Via – PJ Media

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