Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff’s CCP-Linked Payment ‘Oversight’ Explanation Evolves After Ethics Complaint

ATLANTA — Georgia Democrat Senate candidate Jon Ossoff has provided more detail about a payment his film company received from a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) following the Georgia GOP filing an ethics complaint against Ossoff over the payment.

After a political ad revealed in November that Ossoff failed to list a payment his film company, Insight TWI, received from the Hong Kong-based PCCW Media Limited on his May financial disclosure — and then later amended his filings to include the payment — the Georgia GOP submitted a complaint to the Senate Ethics Committee over the matter.

As Breitbart News’s Kristina Wong reported, PCCW is owned by China Unicom, which is run by CEO Wang Xiaochu, a member of the CCP, and is also owned by Richard Li, who has openly opposed Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests.

Ossoff’s campaign said he was not hiding the payment and attributed the omission to a “paperwork oversight” caught during a “normal review.”

Now, according to a December 9 report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ossoff’s campaign has updated its explanation, saying the dollar amount received from PCCW was “around $1,000,” a detail that conflicts with the Senate filling requirement to disclose payments that are more than $5,000. Via – Breitbart

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