BOMBSHELL: NH Elections Official: ‘I VOTED TWICE’ AG Announces Prosecution After Veritas Involvement…But had File for 8 Months!

  • Deputy State AG Acknowledges File Was “Under Review” For Months
  • Double Voter: “I Got In Trouble Because I Voted Twice and The Cops Found Out”
  • Democratic Party Chair Appointed “Helen Ashley” To Elections Inspector
  • Dem-Appointed 2020 Election Inspector Voted Twice, Once Under False Identification
  • Visit For More Stories

CONCORD, N.H  – As a direct result of a Project Veritas investigation, a case of double voting in the Granite State is now being prosecuted by the state’s Attorney General Gordon
MacDonald, who announced today that Vincent Marzello of West Lebanon, NH, was arrested and charged with Felony voter fraud for voting twice during the 2016 General Election. Via – Project Veritas

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