Palestinians Rage Against Morocco’s Decision to Normalize Ties with Israel

After the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain agreed to normalize ties with Israel, the Palestinians were quick to display their rage. From both PA and Hamas leaders there were claims that the Palestinians had been “betrayed” and “stabbed in the back.” Palestinian protesters both in Gaza and the West Bank defaced and burned images of Emirati and Bahraini leaders and flags. But all this fury in turn provoked anger against the Palestinians in both countries. When the PA demanded that the Arab League denounce the UAE and Bahrain, it was turned down flat. At that point, realizing it would be wiser to soften its criticism, the PA turned off the spigot of invective. But not for long.

With Morocco’s announcement that it, too, was normalizing ties with Israel, the Palestinians are back to their previous denunciations. That story is here: “Fuming, Palestinians denounce Israel-Morocco peace deal as ‘betrayal,’” Via – Jihad Watch

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