INSANE: Seattle Goes from Defunding the Police to Canceling Most Crimes Entirely

Forget defunding police and emptying prisons. When it comes to woke justice, a proposal before the Seattle City Council will blow those out of the water. It would simply legalize most crimes.

In late October we began hearing about a proposed ordinance that would simply legalize the criminal behavior that constitutes 72% of all crime and covers the reason why 90% of the inmates are in jails.

In short, the woke cancel-culture crowd would cancel most crime.

Currently, 90% of prisoners in Seattle’s jails are in for such crimes as “misdemeanor assault, theft, harassment, trespass, stalking, car prowl, and 100 other Seattle criminal laws.”

The proposed law change, which just received another hearing on Tuesday, would give “blanket immunity” to people committing crimes because they’re high on drugs, are poor, or have some real or imagined mental illness. No doctor’s note is necessary. If a man knocks over a Safeway grocery store, for example, the perp could just say he’s poor and get a pass. Via – PJ Media

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